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Recent Investment Performance

For some time, Ausbil has been positioned to reflect our expectation of sustained global growth.

We forecast modest increases in the US Fed funds rate, higher bond yields and an appreciating USD. Inflation was expected to be well contained, allowing the Fed to pursue a new policy of tolerating “inflation overshoot”.

This view played out through the year with the 10-year bond yield peaking at 3.25% and oil prices trending higher in October.

This spooked global equity markets, as inflationary fears fanned a sell off. Fuelling the decline was the imposition of tariffs on US$200 billion worth of Chinese goods and the escalation of trade tensions. Relatedly, President Trump announced strict terms for any likely engagement with China ahead of the G20 meeting. Compounding the negative sentiment was Federal Reserve Chair Powell’s hawkish comment that “we may go past neutral. But we’re a long way from neutral” triggering speculation of a Fed induced US recession. Simultaneously the IMF and OECD lowered global growth forecasts, citing tariffs as causing a likely slowing in business investment. Separately oil prices collapsed on concerns of over-supply following the imposition of unexpectedly soft sanctions on Iran.

These exogenous shocks to sentiment cascaded into lower equity markets as investors reacted to volatility and re-assessed the growth momentum in global activity. By way of example, US credit spreads widened from their recent lows and bond yields moved lower to 2.85%.

These are the reasons why the Australian equity market experienced sustained selling in October and November with the S&P/ASX 300 Accumulation Index declining 6.2% and 2.2% respectively.

During November, there was a softening in the Fed’s language, with the emphasis on sustaining the economic expansion. Chair Powell calmed investors stating that rates are now “just below the … level that would be neutral for the economy”. This showed an awareness of the negative feedback US rate policy has had on global asset markets and the potential impact of the Emerging Market slowdown on the US. Consequently markets sharply re-assessed expectations of monetary tightening in 2019; one rate hike is now anticipated, compared to three previously.

Despite the US yield curve being at its flattest point, we do not foresee a US recession. It is now clear the Fed will not want to cause an inversion and has signalled this to investors.

With the economic expansion prolonged and a trade truce in the making, the outlook remains positive and supportive of growth. Australia will continue to benefit.

Australian Equity Market Outlook

During this recent bout of market volatility, growth stocks were sold off in favour of defensive positions. Having said that, an elongation of the growth cycle is in prospect, assisted by the recent softening in the interest rate outlook. This extended cycle is supportive for equity markets and the recent volatility has made valuations more attractive. Indeed, it may prove the case that some concerns are overdone in the face of supportive equity market drivers including:

  • A recent lowering of the oil price
  • Lower inflationary expectations (note the recent pullback in bond yields)
  • A combination of continuing economic growth and subdued inflation resulting in an extended business cycle
  • The recent G20 meeting produced a 90-day truce and other encouraging signs that the USA and China will move towards some form of accommodation concerning trade

At a broad level, we continue to favour sectors with overseas earnings streams, general insurers, energy producers and real estate – property and development. In recent months, given the various risks and heightened volatility, we have trimmed global and domestic cyclical exposure and lifted exposure to health care.

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