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Our Clients’ Success Stories – Part 3

The Value of Financial Advice
1. Our Clients’ Success Stories – Part 1
2. Our Clients’ Success Stories – Part 2
3. Our Clients’ Success Stories – Part 3

We hope you enjoy the final article of our series, highlighting our most memorable success stories of the year and the value of Financial Advice.


We never take ‘No’ for an answer

A new client came to me in a troubled state due to a recent separation from her now ex-husband. The client had been through a rough time and had had a variety of historical medical issues that caused numerous insurers to reject her application for insurance, or alternatively, had excessively loaded the premiums that she would pay.

After numerous months and time spent liaising with the insurers, the client was able to achieve cover with only a single minor exclusion on her policies.

Further, by liaising with her mortgage brokering professional we were able to assist our client to purchase her home from her partner during the family law settlement.

In an especially tough period of the client’s life, we were able to produce an outcome to ease the pain and alleviate part of the stress of separating her finances from her ex-husband.

We go the extra mile to ensure our clients goals are achieved.

Adviser: Ryan Bultitude


$40,000 in our client’s pocket = 3-month carefree holiday

A new client attended an initial meeting at our Erina office to complete a review of existing Superannuation and Pension funds held with another Financial Adviser external to our business.

After completing a review, we were able to achieve an amalgamation of funds, reduction in costs, increase in Centrelink Pension benefits and locate ‘lost funds’ of $40,000 which enabled their retirement ‘wish list’ to start to become a reality.

I touched base with them last week and they have just come back from a 3-month holiday which was a result of our planning and care for their retirement goals.

Utilising my own and our team’s years of experience, knowledge and desire to help our clients achieve their goals – I never get tired of that feeling of success!

Adviser: Simon Hoskin


Intergenerational Planning – We have everyone covered!

About 2 years ago I was referred to a gentleman in the vicinity of 80 years of age and he had just decided to retire. He had approximately $1.5 million to invest and he had 2 goals:

  1. Give his wife and himself a comfortable lifestyle and be able to travel
  2. Invest money for his grandchildren

After discussions about their income needs and potential travel goals, we set up a 15-year annuity for him and his wife which gives a guaranteed income. Therefore, if something happened to him within the 15 years, his wife or his Estate would receive a lump sum payment.

Next was the grandchildren: we looked at his goals again – which it was to invest the money, so it grows and then make it available in approximately 15 years. The client and I agreed that a diversified managed fund was appropriate, and he had sufficient understanding about investment markets to believe that he was comfortable that his goal would be achieved.

Over the previous 2 years investment markets have been volatile. When the markets have been volatile the client has questioned if he should be looking at other investment options based on ‘advice’ he’d get from people he knew. We were using two very different strategies to achieve each of his goals, I continually reminded him it was difficult to compare his situation and results with other people as they had different financial goals and attitudes towards investment risk.

Without doubt, my biggest and most satisfying win came early in the year when this client contacted me to let me know that he has adjusted his Will so that the Executor needs to continue to take my advice for the grandchildren’s investment.

I knew that we had reached the point in our relationship where my client trusted me unconditionally and, in the process, I had removed one of his big stress points.

Adviser: Anthony Campbell


You’ve got big goals and we’re here to help you achieve success – let’s get started!

Take the first step and book an initial consultation with our highly experienced team of specialist financial advisers that are able to service you at our office locations in The Junction, Erina, Terrigal and Sydney CBD.


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