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Client Success Stories of 2020

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Our goal as a financial advice business is to ensure that each and every one of our clients that walks through the door of our Newcastle office achieves success in their lives, no matter what their version of success looks like.

In a year that has had more changes and chaos than we would probably like to remember, we wanted to highlight some happy moments, some of our most memorable success stories of 2020.

It brings us pride and joy to be able to help our clients have peace of mind knowing their future is secure and being looked after.

Long term disability doesn’t have to affect your finances

I recently met a young girl in her 20s to assist her with her Centrelink disability benefits. She was receiving two TPD claims that were being handled by her solicitor who suggested she seek some financial advice before finalising.

Her current plan set up was to receive the payments as a Lump Sum which, if she signed the forms, meant she would have paid extra tax and entirely lost her government benefits.

We reviewed her total situation and put a strategy in place which allowed her to continue receiving the benefits she needed as well as providing security in the long-term.

Fast forward to the near future and she now has enough funds to support her even though she is unable to work. Receiving advice at such a young age has completely set her up for her future to make sure she is secure and can enjoy her life to the fullest. 

Adviser: Kristy Coulin

True support when you need it the most

My clients, Mark* and Meryl* came to see me with a sad family situation and a lot going on in their lives.

Their son had tragically passed away and there had been issues with their daughter accessing money from the estate.

They had just sold their home and were in the middle of relocating.

Mark was hoping to retire but they didn’t know if they would have enough income – they didn’t know if Centrelink would be able to help them.

In such a chaotic time in their lives, I knew they needed not only financial support but emotional support as well and I was there for them to lean on and hold their hand along the way.

We worked together to understand their lifestyle needs, what was important to them and how we could get there. We started on a strategy straight away so that they could benefit immediately.

We were able to secure their finances so Mark could retire when he planned and they could still enjoy their desired lifestyle. Their income was uninterrupted, and I helped them to apply for Centrelink so they could receive continuous financial benefits.

As soon as their plan started to fall into place, Mark said he felt like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders and how lucky he was to have someone understand what they were going through and provide much needed support to not just them, but the entire family.

*names changed for privacy

Advisor: Janelle Kirk

We helped claim $14,000 a year in Centrelink Pensions

My client was about to turn 67 and was worried that he wouldn’t be able to claim the Centrelink Age Pension to assist him in his retirement. He wasn’t sure if his assets would be too high for him to even receive anything from the Age Pension.

After reviewing his finances and assets, we were able to restructure them in a way that suited his lifestyle and retirement better. My client was now eligible to receive an annual Centrelink Pension of $14,560.

As he was living in regional NSW, I was also able to help him claim the Regional Seniors Travel Card which takes away some of his travel expenses and further eases his financial burdens.

My client is now able to rely on the Centrelink Pension to help support his lifestyle and he can choose to draw less out of his superannuation pension which will help to make his retirement savings last longer and help him enjoy his retirement comfortably and happily. 

Adviser: Rosie Copp

If you want to achieve your version of success for 2021, we would be happy to help you on the way!

Book a complimentary, initial consultation with our highly experienced team of specialist financial advisers. We have offices located in The Junction (NFPG), Erina (CCFPG) and Sydney CBD (SWA).

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