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Longevity: Are You Prepared?

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1. Longevity: Are You Prepared?
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The secret to a happy, long life: exercise, vegies … and a financial plan for your future.

All over the world people are living longer. What’s the secret?

National Geographic researchers found that the following could add years to your life:

  • Invisible exercise: It’s exercise that is a seamless part of your day, like walking to the shop, running around with the grandkids or an hour gardening.
  • Eating vegies: The vegetarians were right! Communities with the longest life expectancy eat a plant-based diet. And they eat slowly.
  • Finding your tribe: Being surrounded by supportive friends can make all the difference.
  • Living with purpose: Having a reason for waking up every day will not only make you happier but can add seven years to your life.

The great news is the life expectancy of Australians is increasing. Australian men can now reasonably expect to live to 85, and women even longer! This means we need to plan on living perhaps 20 years after we retire, or more.

If you are living a healthy lifestyle surrounded by friends, you may want to consider your longevity risk. Longevity risk is the chance that you’ll live longer than you expected (hooray!) … But if you’re not prepared, you may outlive your insurance policy and you could even exhaust your retirement savings.

Have you considered how many years you’ll live for?

Is your investment portfolio structured to preserve capital for the long-term?

Have you reviewed any longevity-protection focused solutions?

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