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Capital Property Investment Advisers

More Australians are turning to property as their choice of investment. Building a property portfolio has many benefits; it creates another source of income, comes with tax deductions and is less volatile than other forms of investments like shares. But property also has some issues to consider, such as interest rates or additional costs when the rental income doesn’t cover the mortgage.

To help clients develop a comprehensive property solution, Newcastle Financial Planning Group works in collaboration with Capital Property Investment Advisers, whose team of experienced and qualified property investment advisers offer the following services:

  • Tailored property investment or portfolio advice
  • Advice on negative gearing and tax planning
  • Advice around self-managed super funds (SMSF) and property investment
  • Mortgage advice
  • Deposit and leverage advice
  • Source, negotiate, buy, and tenant high growth rental properties on your behalf
  • Capital PIA can help you separate emotion from finance and position you to create real, long-term wealth through property.

How Does Capital PIA purchase Investment Properties?

Before making recommendations, Capital PIA first needs to understand your investment and lifestyle goals. After working with you to create an investment plan, Capital PIA undertake comprehensive market research utilising in-depth analytical tools to identify investment opportunities which are scarce in supply and have significant buyer appeal. Using this information, Capital PIA then identifies and recommends several properties that meet the criteria of your tailored property investment plan. Once a property is selected, Capital PIA will negotiate and purchase the property on your behalf.

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*The credit and property details & strategies on this page are services not offered under the RI AFSL.

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