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We are able to provide financial advice to anyone who would like to work with us, no matter what their circumstances are. We do however specialise in supporting young families and those getting ready for retirement.

Young Families

We understand these couples are going through a whirlwind of change; additional responsibilities, family members, reduced income, increased expenses and generally unspoken expectations of everyone involved.

At Newcastle Financial Planning Group, we work with both partners to create realistic short and long term goals that both partners are aligned to and then work together to build real solutions.

Our focus is on achieving or perhaps exceeding your goals, dreams and ambitions and ensuring you create the time to enjoy the present. Let us take the financial stress out of your life, so you can worry about the important things; like your family.

With years of experience helping couples in this stage of life, we know it is important to build the foundations for future financial success and ensure you have the right financial strategies for your savings, cash flow management, investment, debt reduction, superannuation, asset protection, wealth protection and estate planning.

We want to take away the worry and help you to feel excited about this stage of your life.

Getting Ready for Retirement

Many people think “I’ll see a Financial Planner when I have money”, and this is a mistake. As financial planners it is our job to help you create wealth. We are here to understand your goals and help develop a solution that works for you and your family. We understand that you want to make the most of your retirement, and we want to help you make that happen.

Retirement is a time in life where many people feel uncertain about the future. Those getting ready for retirement are not only worried about having enough money to last the rest of their lives, but they are also concerned about “what I do is who I am”. We can help alleviate the stress around this millstone. We are here to support our clients and help them to feel at ease by firstly understanding what you want your retirement lifestyle to look like. We then consider a variety of strategies available with regards to superannuation, investment options, Centrelink planning and assistance, tax planning and estate planning in order to make that lifestyle a possibility.

Working in consultation with you, we can build a solution to make the most out of the opportunities you have and make it easy to understand and follow.

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