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Murray Wynne

Wealth Protection Specialist

With over 30 years of experience in the life insurance industry, Murray is an incredibly experienced and knowledgeable financial adviser.…

Janelle Kirk

Senior Financial Adviser

Senior Financial Adviser Janelle Kirk is clearly passionate about supporting people to realise their financial goals. With more than 50…

Rosie Copp

Financial Adviser and Accredited Aged Care Specialist

Numbers have always held a place in the heart of Coastal Advice Group’s Rosie Copp. “I used to go with…

Luke Hill

Financial Adviser

Dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals, broaden their horizons, and solve the challenges they face in the complex world…

Jon Dickson

Financial Adviser

With 14 years in the finance industry, Jon is an incredibly knowledgeable and experienced financial adviser at Coastal Advice Group.…

Louis Matheson

Associate Financial Adviser

With valuable experience in paraplanning, statistics, and strategical taxation planning, Louis brings a wealth of financial knowledge and a unique…

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