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Amber Jones

Client Engagement Manager

As Client Engagement Manager, Amber’s purpose is to ensure each and every client enjoys the best possible experience.

With over 30 years in customer service and client-nurturing positions, Amber relishes talking to people, relating, and understanding their goals, and helping them to find a tailored, personalised solution.

“I am lucky to be in a role where I am able to talk to new people every day. I truly appreciate being able to relate and help solve their problems and be a part of their journey to financial freedom.”

Amber expresses warmth and charisma in everything she does, making her an incredible asset to the team. Her receptiveness to other’s needs and her accepting, caring nature makes her extremely pleasant to be around and a pleasure when discussing any challenges or aspirations you may have.

Amber’s goal is to develop engagement initiatives and personable processes to improve client experiences. She derives great satisfaction in making clients content and comfortable.

“I understand that the advice process can often be confusing. I draw from my own experiences; this drives me to create a better client experience and work towards exceeding client expectations. I really enjoy being able to explain processes to clients in simplified, everyday terms so they feel comfortable, satisfied, and content with their entire experience.”

For Amber, she enjoys being able to assist clients in their understanding of financial advice, the process, and what to expect not only for the first meeting but for the lifetime journey ahead.  


If you’d like to ask Amber any questions, please contact her by phone or email:

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