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Janelle Kirk

Senior Financial Adviser + Aged Care Specialist

Senior Financial Adviser Janelle Kirk is clearly passionate about supporting people to realise their financial goals. 

With 52 years in the finance industry, including over two decades in the banking sector – 15 spent with the CBA; and more than 20 years as a financial planner, Janelle has developed strong quality relationships based on trust. 

While working within the banking industry Janelle identified the need for financial planning services, especially for the ageing population. 

“As I moved with them through life, I recognised there were a lot of pitfalls for those who couldn’t see what could be done to make the most of their retirement – what I usually call – ‘to retire smiling’.” 

Wanting to embrace a holistic approach to supporting people with their financial future Janelle pursued further study to qualify as a Certified Financial Planner, and holds a Masters in Financial Planning and Graduate Certificate of Business Research. 

“My approach will be different depending on where a person is in their life journey. It really is about listening to them to learn what is important to them and what they want to achieve.” 

When Janelle is asked ‘when’ someone should engage with a financial planner, her advice is – “the earlier you start the better”. 

When she’s not busy seeing clients, Janelle enjoys exercising at one of Newcastle’s many wonderful beaches, spending time with her husband Wayne, and volunteering with the Hunter Melanoma Foundation. 

Specialises in:  

  • Superannuation
  • Retirement Planning
  • Wealth Creation / Investment Advice 
  • Estate Planning
  • Aged Care

If you’d like to ask Janelle any questions please contact her by phone or email:

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