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Mitch Ramsbotham

Chief Operating Officer + Partner
Mitch Rambostham

As Group General Manager at Coastal Advice Group, Mitch is passionate and experienced in developing business goals, strategies and processes to deliver the best client outcomes. 

With over 15 years working in the financial services industry – from financial adviser to strategy-based product distribution and relationship management – Mitch has closely observed and contributed to the strategic operations of many successful national practices. 

It is this depth of understanding, of not only the challenges but also the opportunities financial advisers face, that drives Mitch and enables him to identify the processes and approaches that lead to business success and growth. 

As a champion of business excellence, Mitch is passionate about incorporating innovative strategies into CAG’s day-to-day practices. As a natural leader, Mitch helps the team at CAG to deliver on their day-to-day activities as well as the bigger picture – the business vision. 

With determination, organisation, and a drive for results, Mitch is passionate about identifying new opportunities within the business including incorporating innovative technologies, enhancing the client experience, and streamlining advice processes. 

At CAG, Mitch’s aim is to scale the business and expand across the nation in a way that allows more Australians to enjoy the life-changing benefits that quality financial advice has to offer. 

Between running Coastal Advice and raising 2 little girls, Mitch is a busy man. Outside of work you will find Mitch surfing, caravanning with his family or working on his own ongoing personal development. 

If you’d like to ask Mitch any questions, please contact him by phone or email:

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