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Nicole Munday

Business Manager + Partner
Nicole Munday

As Business Manager and Partner at Coastal Advice Group, Nicole’s goal is to maintain successful and efficient operations of the entire business, including the advice processes and team. 

Nicole is highly knowledgeable and skilled in all areas of business, including human resources, operations, and practice management. 

For Nicole, who is approachable, and organised, a big appeal is the positive impact CAG can have on the lives of clients. 

“I love that we are an organisation that makes a difference. I think the business stands for something that is really worthwhile to our clients and being part of that is such a great reason to come to work.” 

Nicole brings to her role professionalism, attention to detail and exceptional problem-solving skills. With a systems-focused approach, Nicole is able to effectively manage the implementation of high-quality services for all clients. 

“The team at Coastal Advice Group is incredibly experienced and dedicated. I am really passionate about continuing to build a team of great people who can feel part of something bigger than what they could achieve on their own.” 

In her spare time, Nicole and her family enjoy socialising with their friends and family in some of the beautiful locations around the Central Coast. During winter the whole family is kept busy with soccer commitments. 

If you’d like to ask Nicole any questions, please contact her by phone or email:

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