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Sarah Moylan

Executive Team Coordinator
Sarah Moylan »

Meet Sarah Moylan, our Executive Assistant extraordinaire! Hailing from the sunny shores of Perth, WA, Sarah brings a unique flair to our team. When she’s not expertly managing schedules and keeping everything running smoothly, you’ll likely find her indulging in her favourite hobby: building Lego masterpieces (don’t judge—creativity knows no bounds!).

Sarah’s wanderlust leads her to Seychelles, her top travel destination, where she unwinds and explores the stunning landscapes. Married to Liam and a proud parent of two, Sarah’s household is bustling with love, not to mention their adorable pets: the delightfully plump Corgi, Elizabeth, the desert rescue, Silver, and the laid-back British Short-hair cat, Frank.

Passionate about reef rehabilitation and shark protection/breeding programs, Sarah’s advocacy extends beyond the office. An interesting fact? She spent 11 years in Dubai, exploring the UAE and neighbouring countries, soaking in diverse cultures and experiences.

Sarah’s professional journey is as dynamic as her personal life. With roles ranging from Senior Vice President of Operations & IT to HR Coordinator, she’s navigated industries like real estate, business analytics, and private aircraft management. Her mantra? Always ask questions—a philosophy that has led to numerous accomplishments, including creating training academies and facilitating career pathways for interns.

In her over a decade-long career in HR and operations, Sarah’s key to success has been her insatiable curiosity and openness to new perspectives. With her abundance of experience across industries, she brings a fresh outlook to every challenge, making her an invaluable asset to our team. So, if you ever need assistance or a Lego building partner, Sarah’s here to help!

If you’d like to ask Sarah any questions please contact him by phone or email:

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