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Sharna Warren

Operations Analyst
Sharna Warren

Sharna is the exceedingly organised Operations Analyst at Coastal Advice Group. 

With a passion to improve business processes and efficiency, Sharna enjoys supporting the team to continuously enhance our services, deliver high-quality financial advice, and ultimately improve the client experience. 

“The team are enormously dedicated and inspiring to work with. Every single person is so passionate about creating the best possible outcomes for their clients.” 

As a driver of excellence, Sharna is consistently analysing the results of our services to endorse holistic ways we can improve the client journey. For Sharna, one of the biggest appeals to her role is the contribution she can have to the education of others about what financial advisers actually do. 

“The opportunity I have to help others understand and experience the real value of advice – beyond just the stereotypical ‘budgeting’ is really motivating.” 

With Sharna supporting our advisers, you can rest assured knowing your financial future is in the hands of an extremely organised, capable, and dedicated team. 

Outside of the office, Sharna is a dedicated footy mum and chauffeur to 3 boys. She also enjoys weekends away and attending live music concerts and music festivals. 

If you’d like to ask Sharna any questions, please contact her by phone or email:

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