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At Newcastle Financial Planning Group, we are passionate about doing things a little differently.

Many financial advisers look at your income and assets and then tell you what you can achieve. We prefer to start by understanding the lifestyle you’re seeking then work towards establishing direction for all areas of your financial lifestyle.

Because everyone is different, our team of specialist financial advisers take time to tailor to our advice to the individual lives and goals of our clients. Our team is passionate about delivering the best possible outcome for you, based on your needs.

At Newcastle Financial Planning Group we take the time to listen, ensuring the advice we create together is one we mutually agree to and can develop over time, using every relevant strategy and product to deliver you the very best financial advice.

We’re there for you through all of life’s ups and downs. We promote and encourage positive change not just in our community, but in our industry as well.

Our Financial Planning Process

We’re committed to making financial planning simple and accessible for all.


We sit with you in a relaxed environment to understand your goals, discover what drives you, and tell you about our history and the experience of our advisers.

We’ll ask questions about what you value most, what your aspirations are, what challenges you may be facing, and what you’d like to change most about your life.

We’ll also ask how you currently handle your finances, and if you have any previous investing experience. This then allows us to begin our research into how best we can serve you.

Our Financial Services Guide (FSG) will be clearly explained in this first sit-down, as well as the history of the business and the expertise of our Financial Adviser team.

As a Fee for Service business, our fees will always reflect the scope of work required and how complex it is to implement.

Before you engage your Financial Adviser to commence, we’ll make clear the necessary steps needed to research, advise and implement our recommendations, as well as our proposed Fee.

If you wish to proceed, we then look at how best to do so, and explore payment options such as paying a portion or all of your Financial Plan (Statement of Advice) from your Superannuation.

This stage of the process sees us putting all our technical skills and product knowledge to work for you as we complete the required research, develop the most appropriate strategy to serve your interests, and consider the best applicable product selection.

We are required to provide one product recommendation, consider an alternative, and undertake the required research to confirm if your existing financial arrangements in superannuation, insurance or investment are still suitable, or require updating in line with our recommendations.

At our next meeting, we’ll present your tailored Financial Plan or Statement of Advice (SOA). We’ll walk you through each step, answer any questions you may have, and make changes if required.

Most importantly, we’ll ensure you understand the process, the applicable fees, and the Ongoing Service before you proceed with our advice.

The most important thing is that you’re confident in, and comfortable with your plan. We’ll only proceed to implement on your behalf when you’re 100% happy with our recommendations.

Once we’ve completed implementing agreed-to plan on your behalf, we’ll arrange for a meeting, phone call or email to confirm with you it is now in effect.

It’s the perfect opportunity for us to formally introduce you to the NFPG support team, clarify any questions, and show you how to access your account information from product websites.

We also ensure you’re placed on the most suitable ongoing Advice Support package, and that you understand all the inclusions and benefits associated with our ongoing relationship.

One of the benefits of engaging with NFPG is that we want to make sure your plan keeps working for you.

We’ll check in from time to time to determine whether your circumstances have changes, whether there’s been regulatory changes that may affect you, and to review or adjust your strategy as required so it can continue to meet your needs.

We’ll continue to manage and monitor things and are only a phone call away if you have any questions at all.

We’re confident you’ll be happy with our services. We hope you’ll be so satisfied with our services that you’ll want to refer us to your family and friends. Word of mouth is the best type of advertising, and most of our clients come to us after being referred from other happy clients.

We always make sure we thank people for recommending us.

Some things in life are best shared.

Have you received financial planning advice from NFPG? Happy with the results? Put your family and friends on their own path to prosperity with guidance from the trusted advisers at NFPG.

Our Community

We’re passionate about contributing to our local community, and value our relationships with the following organisations.

Newcastle Knights & Nathan Ross

We are proud supporters of the Newcastle Knights & sponsor of Nathan Ross for the 2018 season.

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The Mark Hughes Foundation

The Mark Hughes Foundation (MHF) is a not for profit organisation formed in Newcastle by Mark and Kirralee Hughes following Marks diagnosis with Brain Cancer in 2013.

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Future2 reaches out to financial planning professionals who have the passion, commitment and social conscience to help young people who have had a tough start in life to realise their potential. Individually and collectively, financial planners raise funds, identify not-for-profits that are deserving of grants and give their time and skills to help kids at risk so that they can live productive, secure and fulfilling lives.

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Camp Quality

At every stage of the cancer experience, Camp Quality provide innovative programs and services to develop life skills and strengthen the wellbeing of children aged 0 -13 growing up with cancer, and their families.

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