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Superannuation is the wealth accumulation vehicle most Australians rely on to fund their retirement lifestyle and is likely to be the largest asset outside the family home when you finally decide to retire.

Many don’t understand their Superannuation investment options, contribution limits and strategies, potential taxation benefits and taking ownership of you’re your Superannuation portfolio early will help support your final balance once you decided to retire.

Getting started early and making sure you understand all your options will ensure you avoid the long lines at Centrelink when you retire.

Planning for your ideal retirement and providing specialised superannuation advice for young families and people nearing retirement is one of our specialities at Newcastle Financial Planning Group.

Understand all your superannuation options

Newcastle Financial Planning Group and our Financial Advice team help you learn the best ways to maximise the benefits of your super.

When it comes to Superannuation, there are many obstacles to overcome, including:

  • Which superannuation fund is right for me?
  • Should I consolidate my existing super funds?
  • How is my superannuation invested in line with my goals?
  • Do I have insurance inside of my superannuation?
  • Who are my beneficiaries?
  • How do I help build my balance for retirement?
  • Should I invest in superannuation, pay off my debt or purchase assets personally?
  • Do I pay tax on withdrawing my Super at retirement?
NFPG Superannuation

Secure your future with the right superannuation advice for you

Superannuation is a complex investment (taxation) vehicle that requires educated and thoroughly researched decision-making to maximise its value now and in retirement. 

Financial Advice can benefit your Superannuation balance now and in retirement. Want to know how?

Our team of Financial Advisers at Newcastle Financial Planning Group can provide their expertise and work with you to create a tailored Superannuation Advice strategy that ensures:

• A suitable Superannuation product is chosen for you, not a one size fits all approach.

• Your funds are invested in accordance with your current needs and future goals.

• Your Super is simplified, consolidated where appropriate and has a competitive fee structure.

• All potential strategies are considered (e.g. Salary Sacrifice, Spouse Super Contributions, Contribution Splitting, Government Co-Contribution and Low-Income Superannuation Tax Offset).

• Where applicable – can you utilise your Super to purchase your first home (First Home Buyers Account).

• Your Estate Planning needs are consider and correct beneficiary nominations and implemented and reviewed.

With our technical skills and product knowledge, an NFPG Superannuation Specialist will work with you to review your current structure and develop tailored recommendations to secure your financial future and ensure your peace of mind.

Get started today, with specialised superannuation and planning advice from the friendly team at NFPG.

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