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Our Vision and Values


We have the ambitious growth plan to be known as one of Australia’s leading providers of financial planning advice, helping our clients retire with financial peace of mind.

We have a strategy to integrate technology wherever possible and an expectation of being able to deliver Statements of Advice to the client in an industry-leading timeframe, whilst maintaining our very high level of compliance. Utilising technology also allows our team to focus on what is important – knowing our clients and supporting them to achieve their goals.

NFPG’s priorities are to continue to deliver high quality advice and client service to maintain their excellent reputation and subsequently drive client referrals.

Culturally, we will always choose to be proactive, rather than reactive and we will always be prepared to take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself. “We don’t let hurdles and roadblocks impede our ability to achieve our goals and continue to grow.”

  • Be aligned to achieve same outcomes
  • Put our team and our clients first
  • Guide each other and our clients through our respective journeys
  • Innovate where possible
  • Lead by example
  • Influence how things are done in the Financial Planning industry
  • Disrupt the market
  • Enjoy what we do
  • Ensure our clients enjoy interacting with our business
  • Have fun whilst still maintaining a professional approach to the client process
  • Deliver on your ‘word’ to your team and your clients
  • Own your work and your role in the team
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