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Working with Newcastle Financial Planning Group has been an overall positive experience. My now-retired adviser had recommended NFPG to help manage my investment portfolio and maintain my income stream through retirement.

The team at NFPG was highly focused on understanding my future goals and expectations. It was very reassuring to see that my financial plan was so thoroughly researched and personalised to meet my needs and help me achieve my goals over the next five years.

I am happy with my experience and would recommend them to friends and family.

Absolutely amazed at the depth of knowledge, understanding and strategic thinking from the entire team. I definitely recommend booking in for a discovery session with Matthew Clements who is very knowledgeable and easy on the eye.

Knowing my finances are in secure hands in an ever changing market is invaluable. Emma takes very great care of me and I have been able to get ahead in the difficult first year of setting up my own business.

This business provides a personalised service offering on financial planning services across all sectors. They are a professional and innovative group, very friendly and professional in all dealings I have had with them. They are very responsive to enquiries and offer advice in terms of the person down the street can understand. Highly recommend Daniel & Patrick

Before meeting Matt I had no clue about where we stood financially. After taking the time to listen to our situation, goals and objectives, Matt and the team were able to provide my wife and I with a plan that has given us full clarity over our finances, and has us on track to reach our financial goals. Thanks guys!

I needed an insurance review as I have recently taken on a mortgage and wanted to make sure I had the appropriate level of cover in place. Patrick, one of the planners there, gave me clear options for cover and the pro’s and con’s of each. He answered any questions I had and was very thorough in making sure I understood what was happening at each stage of the insurance review. Highly recommend!

After deciding to close our SMSF and switch to an industry super fund, we met with Kristy Coulin of NFPG. She professionally and patiently guided us, making sure we were comfortable with the process. We are now setup with a simplified superannuation and associated insurances. Thank you Kristy.

I have been a client of NFPG for almost two years and could not recommend them more highly. Daniel Brown and his team go above and beyond to ensure our financial security and freedom. Our financial adviser; Pat Huolohan is professional, knowledgeable and diligent. He is responsive to our needs and makes us feel excited about our financial future. We could not possibly trust him more and feel extremely safe in the capable hands of the NFPG team. If you are looking to get sound advice around your finances, no matter how big or small, I couldn’t recommend them more highly!

We deal with Patrick Huolohan who has Honesty and Integrity’ are the first things that you feel. Then the sound advice during a meeting gives you confidence you are on the same page with your goals. I look forward to our meetings, very professional with an easy quality and able to zoom call in another state makes it highly recommend Newcastle Financial Planning Group Cheers Nathan and Danielle

I have had the pleasure of knowing and being a client of Patrick for over two years now. I was in a situation with not knowing what to do for future security. Patrick has been up most professional in his ability to assist me in understanding and paved the way in which direction i proceed. He is prompt to address any matter, and i highly recommend his ability of knowledge and people skills. I cant recommend Pat and the team enough.

Kristy was very conscious of the huge decision we were making regarding our superanuation. After assessing our situation and listening to our concerns she carefully researched the best way forward for us. She explained every step towards achieving the proposed change and kept us well informed along the way. She is knowlegable, professional and caring and we would recommend her highly.

I have been a client of NFPG for 3 years. I have found the advisors to be very professional and knowledgeable. I appreciate their work and commitment to their clients so much that I have recommended NFPG to my friends. Patrick, Janelle and the team have allowed me to retire worry free financially and I feel so grateful to NFPG and Patrick especially, for this freedom.

Very professional advice and service. Client-focused financial management.

We met Daniel about 16 years ago. Financially, we didn’t think we were doing too badly; we had almost paid off our house but weren’t sure what to do next. Many professional people we spoke to told us we were doing alright and just keep doing that. We are fairly average workers and, if we had just continued on a saving path, we would still have a reasonable amount of money accumulated.

Luckily, we crossed paths with Daniel and, I have to say, we would not be in our position now if we hadn’t – geographically or financially. We have just moved into our dream house and would be able to retire anytime we wished to now.

To get to this stage, Daniel (and then Kristy) devised plans and strategies that changed as our children grew from small ones to teenagers and are now independent adults. He also took into account the level of risk we were willing to take so that we were always comfortable with what was happening. The regular meetings with Daniel and Kristy ensure that we know we are still on track for the plan, and talk about things that could improve it.  They are constantly reviewing investments to maximize our returns. They know the market and we trust them, but they welcome our questions and requests.

It’s one of the best decisions we made and we are extremely happy with the company.

I have just recently partnered with NFPG to help me with my retirement planning with the aim of using the government age pension to support me. Kristy helped to adjust my superannuation to maximise my investment returns all the while, making sure there was minimal risks.

It eases your mind to know that people with knowledge and experience can maximise your financial security in retirement. Every question I has was answered precisely and not too rushed so I could understand more about my money.

Overall, an extremely pleasant experience!

NFPG has certainly helped us with our endeavours in having a plan to achieve and organise our financial goals with strategies for our saving and superannuation planning through our 15 years of association with Daniel Brown.

I can recommend to everyone that he and his team have made the right decisions by us to continue a relationship through to retirement.

I have been a client of Dan Brown’s for over 5 years and regularly recommend the services of NFPG to my friends and family.

Their solutions and recommendations have taken me from being riddled with debt to ensuring the financial success and security of my family through wise investments and tailored insurance.

(NFPG) have given us guidance and advice that has been life changing. We can’t thank you guys at NFPG enough. I can now sleep at night.

Daniel (Managing Partner) has been my adviser for a number of years now and along with providing honest and intelligent advice, he and his staff have always made me feel like a friend rather than a client!

My whole family as well as my partner and a number of friends now use NFPG for their financial advice. This is because they have all seen how exceptionally happy I have been with the advice and service provided and wanted this for themselves!

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