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Newcastle Financial Planning Group takes pride in preparing our clients’ retirement plans to help them realise their dreams.

Our Financial Adviser team at Newcastle Financial Planning Group are experienced at working with our clients to ensure they are retirement ready and can focus on enjoying the wealth they have accumulated and lifestyle they desire.

The first step is understanding what you want your future lifestyle to be. Your retirement is a time where you should be able to sit back and enjoy the life you’ve worked so hard for, and it’s never too early to start planning or be retirement ready.

It doesn’t matter if you’re early on in your career, looking to retire within the next 10 years or already retired; we can help you plan and develop a strategy that suits your needs and maximises potential benefits through tax-effective strategies and investment plans you understand.

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Achieve the retirement lifestyle you want

Since the introduction of the compulsory Superannuation Guarantee (SG) most of us have superannuation, but what is important to look at is whether or not this will be enough money to support the lifestyle you want in retirement. Whether your dream is to travel overseas, look after grandkids, volunteer, become a grey nomad or a combination of all of the above; we can help you to achieve the lifestyle you want.

It’s important to note, superannuation is not the only source of income or strategy in retirement. Some people will need to access (in part) the age pension or personal investments. We can advise what is best for you.

Retirement can often seem a long time away, but the sooner you start planning for it the better.

If you need help planning for your retirement call Newcastle Financial Planning Group on 02 4032 7934.

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