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Retired Couple Riding Bicycles

Retirement ready – 5 trends in Newcastle in 2019

Preparing for retirement? Everyone knows we should plan for it, so let’s explore the latest opportunities in 2019.

It’s all about income

With interest rates at all-time lows, we need to consider what assets can produce a regular income to maintain our lifestyle.
We have many new clients seeking a better rate of investment return. We always ensure we explain the pros and cons of the options before they make a final choice.

Lifestyle – The coffee drinkers

Whether it’s the Merewether to Bar Beach walkers, the Ocean Baths early morning swimmers or the lycra-wearing bike riders fine-tuning their skills on the Fernleigh Track, they all seem to love a coffee.
Keeping your mind and body active and forming new personal relationships seems to be two of the most common goals of our clients and can support in the transition from employment to retirement.

When to retire?

Will you enjoy spending all that new-found time with your partner? Should you do it in stages with part time employment or replace employment with volunteer work?
Each person is different, and our experienced team can talk you through both the monetary and mental changes you will likely encounter.

Understanding your Centrelink benefits

Not the greatest topic of discussion, but we have many strategies available to maximise any Centrelink entitlements you may be eligible for in retirement.
A small amount of financial assistance can ensure a better quality of life and extend your financial freedom.

My bank has shut their doors

We have been receiving daily enquiries from prospective clients whose bank is no longer offering financial advice.
The most common belief is people will have to change products or investments, which they already feel comfortable with and understand.
Generally, we can leave your existing retirement plans in place, conduct an independent audit and ensure you have a complete understanding of your financial affairs.


Retirement planning is all about ensuring our clients focus on enjoying their ideal lifestyle and leave the sleepless nights to the experts.
My bank, Westpac in The Junction, recently closed its doors. We have taken this opportunity to take over the space and we invite you to come in and check out the great new location.

We have a team of financial planning specialists ready and willing to assist you to have your ideal retirement. Call Newcastle Financial Planning Group or click here to book your complimentary initial consultation.


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