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Investment Advice Newcastle: Achieve your wealth creation goals with expert guidance from the specialists at Newcastle Financial Planning Group.

Whether you are an experienced investor looking to expand your wealth or a novice interested in taking the first steps towards building an investment portfolio, our experienced Financial Adviser team can help. We help clients rethink financial planning by developing a tailored strategy based on your financial goals, risk tolerance, investment time frame, and circumstances.

Our experienced financial planners are not only experienced at providing Financial Advice but also in investing according to our evidence-based investment philosophy. We will work with you to devise a wealth creation strategy with your financial future in mind.

It’s important to consider all your investment options, both inside and outside of Superannuation, as well as consider the benefits of repaying your mortgage sooner, establishing investment accounts for your children, and where to save for your next overseas holiday.

Find Financial Freedom with Solid Investment Advice

Financial freedom is achievable with a well-thought-out investment strategy that prioritises your needs and the growth you’re looking for now and into the future. To build your investment strategy, NFPG financial advisers will consider:

Superannuation Strategy 

Invest your funds in accordance with your current needs and future retirement goals. 


Diversifying Your Portfolio & Assets 

Accumulate funds in your preferred investment vehicles – shares, ETFs, property, and managed funds are just some of the options available. 


Budgeting, Savings & Spending Plans 

Understand in full detail your incoming and outgoing funds, and where you can maximise your money to increase your investments. 

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Investment Planning Does Not Have To Be Overwhelming!

We understand you’ve worked hard for your money. That’s why you want to work with the best advisers in the financial planning industry. At Newcastle Financial Planning Group, we make everything easy for you by creating personalised and appropriate wealth creation and protection strategies that cater to your needs! 

Here are some strategies your Financial Adviser can incorporate into your Investment Portfolio and Wealth Creation Plan: 

  • Direct Share Investing 
  • Invest in Managed Funds or Exchange Traded Fund (ETF’s)  
  • Property Investment  
  • Borrowing to Invest using Equity within your existing assets 
  • Create a Regular Savings Plan 
  • Comparison of Loan repayments v Super contributions v Savings 
  • Develop a Spending Plan to identify surplus cash 
  • Superannuation Strategies 

The first step in creating a sound investment portfolio is choosing the right asset allocation while considering your cash liquidity, risk profile, and time frame. 

At Newcastle Financial Planning Group, we consider your unique and personal circumstances to create a tailored investment approach. Find out more about your investment options – speak with a Newcastle Financial Planning Group Adviser today. 

Get More Out of Your Superannuation

Assess Your Risk Tolerance

Create Tailored Investment Portfolio

Create Spending & Budgeting Plans

Superannuation Strategies

At Newcastle Financial Planning Group, we can help you structure your investment portfolio, find the best investments for your needs, and give you advice on how to manage them. 

If you are looking for advice on how to invest, consider working with a qualified financial planner who has experience in this area. As a multi-award winning team in the financial industry, we know the ins and outs of investing and can help guide our clients toward success. 

If you are an experienced investor looking for a fresh approach to your portfolio, or just starting out with investing and need expert guidance, we have a comprehensive range of financial planning services to help you out! Book an appointment with NFPG today. 

Book Your Consultation Today!

Superannuation Advice Newcastle FAQs

When it comes to making those all-important decisions on where to invest, there are several key factors to take into consideration. These include tax implications, risk tolerance and diversification. Newcastle Financial Planning Group can provide financial advice strategies to you on all these aspects, taking into account both your current assets and those you would like to invest in the future. 

If you already have an existing portfolio or have ideas for how you want to invest your money, we can work with you to review your existing portfolio or research your choices so that you can have confidence and peace of mind where your money is invested. 

If you would consider yourself to be someone who is building their financial literacy or still in the early stages of their wealth creation, a financial adviser is worth the money. If you are uncertain at all about how to manage your money, invest for your future, and take care of your family, then you will only benefit from the guidance of a professional. 

Alternatively, if you are an experienced adviser and have built a substantial portfolio, a second opinion and different perspective can ensure that you haven’t overlooked any unnecessary risk to your wealth or have missed any opportunities to improve your portfolio. 

Investing is a powerful wealth creation tool when you have a considered and well-researched strategy that carefully assesses your financial situation.

An investment plan is an essential element of your business. It outlines the goals, objectives, and strategy for your company over time. It helps you to: 

  • Understand where the money is going to come from – whether it’s from suppliers or customers; 
  • Develop a plan for how much money will be needed each month; 
  • Ensure that all financial figures are accurate – this includes accounts and tax returns; and 
  • Build confidence in yourself as an entrepreneur of a successful business so that people will trust you not just with their money but also with their business idea too
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