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We met Daniel about 16 years ago. Financially, we didn’t think we were doing too badly; we had almost paid off our house but weren’t sure what to do next. Many professional people we spoke to told us we were doing alright and just keep doing that. We are fairly average workers and, if we had just continued on a saving path, we would still have a reasonable amount of money accumulated.

Luckily, we crossed paths with Daniel and, I have to say, we would not be in our position now if we hadn’t – geographically or financially. We have just moved into our dream house and would be able to retire anytime we wished to now.

To get to this stage, Daniel (and then Kristy) devised plans and strategies that changed as our children grew from small ones to teenagers and are now independent adults. He also took into account the level of risk we were willing to take so that we were always comfortable with what was happening. The regular meetings with Daniel and Kristy ensure that we know we are still on track for the plan, and talk about things that could improve it.  They are constantly reviewing investments to maximize our returns. They know the market and we trust them, but they welcome our questions and requests.

It’s one of the best decisions we made and we are extremely happy with the company.

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